Community Partners and Sponsorship

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Corporate Community Partners

We are grateful to be part of a “Community That Cares.” By partnering with Sotterley, you play a vital role in expanding educational opportunities for children and adult visitors. There are numerous ways to partner while sharing our strengths: sponsor events, programs, and exhibits, provide volunteers to support our events and our mission, or provide much-needed equipment for our staff.

“Smartonix is proud to be a Sotterley Community Partner. We believe that it’s our corporate responsibility to support the communities where our employees and their families live”
– Arshed Javaid, President, Smartonix

Special Event Sponsors

We want to partner with you, those few words make such a difference to Historic Sotterley, its mission and its vision. Sponsorship plays a vital role in expanding educational and cultural opportunities for our community. Historic Sotterley offers many events for your business to make a difference in our community. Click below to discover how. 

Our Events


Join us as sponsor for NovemBeer!

Barn Bash

Check out our Barn Bash 2019 sponsors!


A huge thank you to all our sponsors!


Thank you to all our sponsors who made Gala a success!

Historic Sotterley's Community Partners