The Knott House Ornament $15.00

The Knott House became the Visitor Center for Historical Sotterley in 2010. It was originally built in 1910 for Herbert Satterlee’s new caretaker, Charles Knott. As our visitor’s first stop on their journey through 300 years of history, the Knott House has become one of our most iconic buildings.

The Corn Crib Ornament $15.00

The Corn Crib building boasts curled cedar siding and cedar shingles. A restoration was completed in 2014 and the new siding will now weather for many years. The curled siding is preserved in the 2014 ornament!

1703 Manor House circa 1703 Ornament $15.00

A rare, fine example of post-in-ground architecture. James Bowles first built a two room house with a loft on the land that we now call Sotterley, adding a third room in 1715. By c. 1780, George Plater III had enlarged the house to include a half-story second floor, dining room, and a large, ornate drawing room and entryway. During the 19th century, Dr. Walter Hanson Stone Briscoe added a kitchen to the riverside of the house. The Satterlee family restored the house in Colonial Revival style in the early 20th century.

Historic Barn Ornament c. 1920 $15.00

Built as a horse barn by Herbert Satterlee, restoration work began in 2005 to convert the barn into an indoor venue for Sotterley. It is used to host meetings, concerts, wedding receptions, education programs, and our annual Speaker Series.

The Necessary Ornament $15.00

A late 18th/early 19th century structure used by residents of the Manor House, it features receptacles and arched openings in the back for cleaning. By the 20th century the building was bricked, along with the wall and tool shed, adding symmetry to the gardens.

Smoke House Ornament 19th century $15.00

Before refrigeration, a smoke house was the primary way to preserve meat and thus was an important feature of the plantation. The brining trough, hollowed from a single tree trunk, was used for curing hams and other meats.

Book George-Plater-of-Sotterley-David-G-Brown
George Plater of Sotterley

By David G. Brown (November 2014) $17.99 paperback

Brown’s research breathes life into a largely under-studied and under- appreciated Maryland Patriot and the owner of Sotterley from 1755 to 1792. George Plater was a modest, gentry gentleman, a member of the Anglican church, and a dedicated public servant. His most notable contribution as president of the Maryland Senate during the decade of the 1780s – on his very first day in office he persuaded his colleagues to ratify the Articles of Confederation after a two year stalemate.

Book Sotterley-Plantation-Images-of-America
Sotterley Plantation (Images of America)

By Jeanne K. Pirtle (September 2013) $21.99 paperback

An addition to Arcadia Publishing’s popular Images of America series is Sotterley Plantation from local author Jeanne K. Pirtle. The book boasts more than 200 vintage images and memories of days gone by on this Maryland plantation.

Book sotterley-her people
Sotterley: Her People and Their Worlds – Three Hundred Years of a Maryland Plantation

By David G. Brown (April 2010) $17.00 paperback

The story of Sotterley Plantation began shortly after the founding of Maryland and continued over the next three centuries. It rose from humble beginnings, prospered in the age of tobacco and slavery, endured The Great Depression, and survived three wars, only to stumble toward imminent ruin until a generous fate brought both restoration and a renewed relevance for our time.

Book Arthur Buck Briscoe[2]
Arthur ‘Buck’ Briscoe Book: Mr. St. Mary’s County

By Richard Knott (December 2017) $20.00 Paperback

Arthur “Buck” Brisoce was one of St. Mary’s County’s best advocates. The author wanted to make sure this unsung hero was recognized for his work and efforts. Briscoe heavily promoted tourism in St. Mary’s in the 1950s and 1960s, including delivering turkeys and oysters to the White House.

The Good Old Days on the Patuxent

By Richard Knott and Shawn Knott (May 2016) $45.00 Paperback

Captain Richard Knott, born 1925, remembers how beautiful the Patuxent River was. He ran a buy-boat for 28 years from Solomons to Benedict buying oysters from the hardworking watermen. He recounts the old wharves on both sides of the river, accompanied by photos of most of them and brief tales of the numerous people who made their living harvesting seafood from the river.

Book Memories-of-Sotterley-Richard-Knott
Memories of Sotterley

By Richard Knott and Shawn Knott (January 2003) $28.95 Paperback

Memories of Sotterley is a rare collection of history and personal stories regarding Sotterley Plantation, from Richard Knott who lived and worked there.