Our Year of Building Bridges

The Big Picture

For more than 300 years, atop a sunny, eastern Maryland hilltop overlooking the Patuxent River — the mighty Chesapeake Bay in the distance — Sotterley has beckoned to travelers and visitors.  It has always been a place dedicated to meaningful purpose.

Today, Sotterley visitors arrive by car, bus, and sometimes, still by water.  But the bounty they take home is no less rich . . . no less relevant for a changing America:





Today Sotterley has an increasingly urgent purpose:  Connection. Sotterley is more than a National Historic Landmark.  It is a peerless asset that exists to help people find connection . . .  connection to our history, to the land, to our common values . . . and connection to one another.

To secure Sotterley’s ability to deepen its impact and serve even more people, we invite you to join us as we plan a special fundraising initiative.

Education Without Boundaries

Our schools increasingly struggle to meet the comprehensive needs of students, each new generation faces an even more tenuous connection to knowledge.

TODAY, a field trip to Sotterley is a “hands-on” day of discovery
TOMORROW, our top priorities are enhanced & expanded programs to reach more children and adult learners. Ask us about how you can help fund
The Environmental Education Center at Sotterley Creek

Necessary Functions

most visitors agree, Sotterley is at once, rustic and refined, prim and primitive.  Sotterley is older than Mount Vernon, Monticello, or Montpelier, where the shadows of their residents hangs over each of those places like a beautiful embroidered cloak.  Sotterley’s history and its endowment is somehow more human-scale. Operating without an endowment, our top priority is funding vital infrastructure needs and amenities. Ask us about how you can help fund:

Necessary Functions

Building A Better Community

our nation continues to experience disconnections born of racial divides while coupled with modern technology meant to unite, but ultimately isolating us behind electronic walls.

TODAY, Sotterley helps visitors and participants access the stories of all who lived and worked here, in honest ways, allowing individuals to understand and process at their own pace, while setting the stage for further discovery.

TOMORROW, our top priorities are providing more interactive ways of continuing the discussions for understanding, healing, and transformation.  An informed, empathetic community is critical to remove barriers to healthy relationships and inspire action. Ask us about how you can help fund one of these projects:

A Journey of Discovery – Commemorating the Slave Cemetery

Growing for Good

the advent of big box grocery stores, processed foods, and commercialization has fragmented our connection to the food we eat.

TODAY, we utilize sustainable practices and methods for growing wholesome product, we offer visitors the opportunity to both dirty their hands and discover clarity about their food sources.

TOMORROW, we will continue to improve methods for protecting our valuable resources while connecting visitors to sustainable farming practices.  Our top priority is to expand Sotterley’s farm program to provide for those in need in our community. Ask us about how you can partner with us for:

Growing for Good – Growing Together

Saving Our Treasures

A simple browser search can bring the universe into the palm of our hand – while increasingly separating us from the full reality of life.

TODAY, Sotterley provides an opportunity to freely walk where history happened, to engage all our senses, to see through the eyes of our forebears, to imagine their feelings, to dream our own futures

TOMORROW, our top priorities are restoring, repairing, reinterpreting and researching our several key structures, landscapes, and artifacts throughout the grounds.  Ask us about how you can help fund one of these projects:

The Roof Restoration Project in the Historic Core

The Barn Restoration Project

The Mansion Climate Control Project

The Slave Cabin Access Project