2019 Our Year of Building Bridges

For more than 300 years, atop a sunny, eastern Maryland hilltop overlooking the Patuxent River — the mighty Chesapeake Bay in the distance — Sotterley has beckoned to travelers and visitors. It has always been a place dedicated to meaningful purpose.

Today, Sotterley visitors arrive by car, bus, and sometimes, still by water. But the bounty they take home is no less rich . . . no less relevant for a changing America:

Today Sotterley has an increasingly urgent purpose: Connection. Sotterley is more than a National Historic Landmark. It is a peerless asset that exists to help people find connection . . . connection to our history, to the land, to our common values . . . and connection to one another.

To secure Sotterley’s ability to deepen its impact and serve even more people, we invite you to join us as we plan a special fundraising initiative.





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