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Oral History by Angela Wilson

"They survived, they endured, they are the people that gave us our strength."

Angela Wilson, Historic Sotterley Descendant

Speaker Series 2020

For the 13th season, this series is a FREE public event, made possible by the generous sponsorship of The Boeing Company! 

October 14th | The Power of US: What Happens When Historical Narratives Are Corrected?


Christy Coleman, Executive Director,

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

The history we teach has evolved over time and the reason is simple, we have changed. With those changes comes a responsibility to explore what history can teach us about the current state of affairs. When that history is incomplete or deliberately leaves out elements of conflict, we fail to get an accurate view that causes far more harm than good. As a public historian, Coleman feels her job is to layout stories you may not have considered or heard before and provide an environment where people can learn and explore.


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A Moment of Reflection

Community Partner Highlight: Unified Committee for Afro-American Contributions (UCAC)


With honesty and integrity, Sotterley embraces our responsibility to interpret all aspects of our shared history.

We are dedicated to being an exceptional educational and cultural resource, with a full range of formal education programs, as well as events and visitor programs.  We are 94 acres with over 20 authentic structures providing a stunning backdrop for our stories.  In the tradition of our ancestors, we farm sustainable, and donate most of what we grow to local food pantries.

We pay it forward.

The Campaign for Sotterley

Thank you for the generous support, which helps make Sotterley possible!

Sotterley is more than a National Historic Landmark. It is a peerless asset that exists to help people find connection, connection to our history, to the land, to our common values and connection to one another.

Our aim is to touch more lives and have an even greater impact on our local, state, and national communities through these main areas of focus: Education Without Boundaries, Growing for Good, Saving our Treasures, Building a Better Community, and “Necessary” Functions.

"Sotterley is genuinely interested in its grounds and using them differently- being a productive farm and community gathering place that is working toward more ecological improvements. It's far more than a museum." 

David Moulton, Member since 2012

"Recognition of slavery- not a monument to slavery but a place for learning- Sotterley is doing a great job talking about this" 

Francie de Peyster, Member since 2012

As an architect, I am intrigued by the timeline the house itself reveals- where roof lines stop and start. The evolution of 300 years of families, buildings, and stories is fascinating." 

James W. Ritter, FAIA, B&G Committee since 2017 

"Years ago I chaperoned my daughter's 4th grade field trip. I remember experiencing her joy and excitement." 

Mary Lynn Stone, Member since 1999

"Sotterley's stories are just as relevant and well-preserved as any major National Park or site like Mount Vernon and Monticello." 

Julie Woods, Volunteer & Docent

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